Caretaker Farm
Caretaker Farm
  • Farmers: Bridget Spann and Don Zasada (junior farmers); Sam and Elizabeth Smith (senior farmers)
  • Method of Access: Bridget and Don own the farmhouse and structures and rent the farmland via a ground lease
  • Acreage: 35 acres
  • Location: Berkshires, Massachusetts
  • Year Founded: 2006 (Don and Bridget's operation); 1991 (Sam and Elizabeth's CSA); 1969 (Sam and Elizabeth's operation)
  • Affordability Tools: Ground lease, conservation easement, community fundraising, land trust
  • Farm Operation: Diversified animal and vegetable operation with 200 varieties of 40 different crops every season, plus chickens and pigs
Elmer Farm
Elmer Farm
  • Farmers: Spencer and Jennifer Blackwell
  • Method of Access: Ownership
  • Acreage: 89 acres
  • Location: Middlebury, VT
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Affordability Tools: Conservation easement, OPAV, land trust
  • Farm Operation: Vegetables and grains
Full and By Farm
Full and By Farm
  • Farmers: James Graves and Sara Kurak
  • Method of Access: Ownership
  • Acreage: 100 acres
  • Location: Essex, NY
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Affordability Tools: Conservation easement, land trust
  • Farm Operation:  Vegetables, meat, eggs
Say Hay Farm
Say Hay Farm
  • Farmers: Chris Hay
  • Method of Access: Lease
  • Acreage: 50+ acres
  • Location: Esparto, Yolo County, California
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Affordability Tools: Long-term lease with option to purchase, long-term lease with right of first refusal
  • Farm Operation: Organic vegetables, pastured eggs
Sunbow Farm
Sunbow Farm
  • Farmers: Yadira Ruiz and Nate Johnson (junior farmers); Harry MacCormack and Cheri Clark (senior farmers)
  • Method of Access: Lease
  • Acreage: 15 acres
  • Location: Corvallis, Oregon
  • Year Founded: 1972
  • Affordability Tools: Lease, LLC, living trust
  • Farm Operation: Vegetables
Wahl Ranch
Wahl Ranch
  • Farmers: Wahl siblings
  • Method of Access: Percentage interest in partnership-owned land
  • Acreage: 2,000 acres
  • Location: Oregon
  • Year Founded: 1874
  • Affordability Tools: Rolling lease, legal multi-member partnership, federal conservation programs
  • Farm Operation: Ranching
Windswept Farmstead Cooperative LLC and Dickey Hill Farm
Windswept Farmstead Cooperative LLC and Dickey Hill Farm
  • Farmers: Eric and Alison Rector (senior farmers); Noami Brautigam and James Gagne (junior farmers)
  • Method of Access: Transitional ownership via LLC, lease
  • Acreage: 18 acres
  • Location: Monroe, Maine
  • Year Founded: 1990
  • Affordability Tools: LLC and lease
  • Farm Operation: Dickey Hill Farm produces organic vegetables and grass-fed beef; Eric and Alison raise chicken and pork and produce artisanal cheese and yogurt

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