Farm Lawyers

Get to know some of the lawyers practicing farm and food law nationwide.

Beth Boepple
Moving from the restaurant business into land, farm, and food law
Ed Cox
Thinking outside the box and bringing creativity to farm and land law
Gretchen Elsner
Representing farmers, agriculture nonprofits, and consumers
Jason Foscolo
A guy that likes to eat goes from the military to one of the first food law firms
Lauren Handel
Building on Big Law knowledge to create a food and farm focus
Seth Handy
Expanding into food and agriculture law to support communities
Megan Harris-Pero
Using planning to support farmers and others through transitions
Amanda Heyman
Food entrepreneur educator and international organic ag consultant
Jessica Jay
Forging a path in land conservation with perpetual easements
Amy Manzelli
Continually asking questions and developing farm-related expertise
James Raymond
Getting out of the office and listening to clients instead of talking
John Schwarz
Representing rural clients and connecting farmers with attorneys
Kathryn Williams
Creating farm transition plans, protecting legacies, avoiding disaster