How to Find a Lawyer

When you have decided you need legal advice, it’s time to find a lawyer for your farm business.

Here are some places to start looking:

  • Talk to other farmers. Farmers with similar types of operations who have hired lawyers are a great source for lawyer recommendations.
  • Ask a trusted farm organization. Farm organizations often know which lawyers frequently work with farmers and can often recommend either the right lawyer for the job or someone to call for a recommendation.
  • Ask another lawyer. Lawyers tend to know other lawyers, and will often make connections within their circles of acquaintance. Even if the lawyer you know isn’t a farm lawyer or a business lawyer, they may know another lawyer who could be a good fit. Several farm lawyers are also listed here.
  • Call a law school clinic related to food or farming. Law schools that have clinical programs dedicated to food or farming can be a friendly source of referrals to local or national farmer-friendly attorneys.
  • State bar organizations. Your state’s bar association will often have a website with a directory of lawyers licensed in your state, or a phone number you can call to ask for lawyer referrals. Often these state directories will also list specific practice areas (agricultural law, business law, litigation) for the lawyers listed in the directory.
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