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Diggers’ Mirth

  • Farmers: Hilary Martin, Dylan Zeitlyn, Elango Dev, Sophia Zowat
  • Method of Access: Lease
  • Acreage: 11 acres
  • Location: Burlington, Vermont
  • Year Founded: 1992
  • Affordability Tools: Farm incubator, collaborative farming, LLC
  • Farm Operation: Vegetables and salad greens
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Temple-Wilton Community Farm

  • Farmers: Lincoln Geiger (dairy), Anthony Graham (vegetables), Benjamin Meier (cheesemaker)
  • Method of Access: Long-term leases, fee simple
  • Acreage: 200 acres
  • Location: Wilton, New Hampshire
  • Year Founded: 1986
  • Affordability Tools: LLC, nonprofit status, land trust, conservation easements, rolling 99-year ground leases, community fundraising
  • Farm Operation: Diversified operation, including raw milk and cheese, biodynamically grown vegetables, pastured broiler chickens, laying hens, pigs, grass-fed beef and veal
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