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Tierra Fértil

  • Los agricultores: Chang y Ger Xiong, Christina Dedora, Ben Torpey, John Kenny, Michele Kozloski, Garmai Mawolo, Choua y Kia Xiong
  • Método de acceso: Arrendamiento a largo plazo, tierra pública
  • Superficie en acres: 50 acres
  • Ubicación: Henderson, North Carolina
  • Año de fundación: 2004
  • Herramientas de asequibilidad: Incubadora agricultora, servidumbre de conservación, agricultura colaborativa, tierra pública
  • Operación agrícola: Verduras orgánicas, huevos, flores y hierbas
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Greenfield Berry Farm

  • Farmers: Daniel and Michele Greenfield
  • Method of Access: Lease, public lands
  • Acreage: 20 acres
  • Location: Cuyahoga, OH
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Affordability Tools: Leasing public lands
  • Farm Operation: Berries
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Hillen Homestead

  • Farmers: Maya Kosok
  • Method of Access: License, lease pending (rolling lease)
  • Acreage: Two lots, about 1/4 acre combined
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Affordability Tools: Use of public land
  • Farm Operation: Flowers
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Natick Community Organic Farm

  • Farmers: Lynda Simkins as Executive Director, additional full-time staff, seasonal and part-time youth, and adult employees/trainees
  • Method of Access: Long-term lease on public lands with management contract
  • Acreage: 27 acres
  • Location: Natick, MA
  • Year Founded: 1975
  • Affordability Tools: Leasing public lands, nonprofit status
  • Farm Operation: Produce, flowers, maple syrup, meat, wool yarn, honey
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Urban Edge Farm

  • Farmers: Chang and Ger Xiong, Christina Dedora, Ben Torpey, John Kenny, Michele Kozloski, Garmai Mawolo, Choua and Kia Xiong
  • Method of Access: Long-term lease, public lands
  • Acreage: 50 acres
  • Location: Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Affordability Tools: Farm incubator, conservation easement, collaborative arrangement, public lands
  • Farm Operation: Organic vegetables, eggs, flowers, herbs
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